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Saturday, 21 July 2012


So last night I tried out this stuff:



It sure looks (and smells; I haven't stopped smelling my hair since using it!) fancy, but then so do a lot of products that claim to do miraculous things and I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that more often than not these miracles don't occur as you'd have hoped. The instructions told me to use 1 pump, but I have a lot of hair and needed to use 2-3. You can see the improvement from these pictures. It looks like it worked pretty damn well and it feels even better! My hair would not normally go a day without ferociously knotting itself but I can still run my fingers through it effortlessly. It feels as good as when I've just come out of the salon. A great product for when your hair needs some TLC and a little more than your ordinary conditioner. My split ends can now wait until after my holiday to be chopped off! On top of that, I no longer have to worry about the damage to my locks caused by the heat, sun and water that will attack it over the next two weeks, beautiful!

Oh and also, as promised here are the snaps I took while dip-dying my old denim shirt. I really like the way it turned out! What do you think?

How to dip-dye (no instructions style)
I'm not a big fan of following instructions at all, It just takes the fun out of the activity! So when it came to dip-dying I sort of just 'went for it'. The basic rules however are:
1) Get 500ml-ish of warm water and stir in the dye until dissolved

2) Poor the now liquid-dye into a bowl/bucket with lots of water in (6 litres is recommended) and add 5 tablespoons of salt (bare in mind how much water you use will affect the concentration of the dye)

3) Put your item of clothing into the water and hold/leave for as long as you like (I left it for about an hour)

4) Repeat with next colour (if using more than 1 like me)

Just bare in mind that the dye will travel up further than the point at which the item is not actually in the dye. I used Dylon powder pink and French lavender dye for my shirt. You can purchase them along with many other colours very cheaply on Amazon but I got mine from my local fabric/design-tech style shop.
Happy Dip-Dying!


Hello, hello, hello! After taking a much too long break from blogging recently, I return with lots to show/discuss! Firstly, If you follow me on twitter you should be well aware of the fact that I'm going on holiday in a few days (and also aware of how excited I am!). Two weeks in Corfu calls for a lot of things; painful waxes, the dreaded bikini shop and the finding (and then keeping) of body confidence amongst other things! However, it is also a wonderful excuse to expand the old wardrobe and it is this element of 'holiday spirit' I have been indulging in over the past week. Living in the wet and cold country that is England, any holiday worthy clothes I owned were at least a year old. Luckily, I still love a lot of the summery clothes I've bought over the past few years, but I could not deny the fact that if I was going to truly enjoy the holiday, I had to update my wardrobe with a few new garments. (Yes I probably care too much about clothes for my own good!)

So without further-a-do, here are the four main things I picked up worthy of showing you guys. I am more than happy with my wardrobe situation now, not to mention the fact I'm ridiculously excited to get to wear these items in such a sunny, hot and beautiful setting! Aren't I lucky eh?

sunglasses/h and m/£5.99

These were an absolute steal so thank you to h&m! I love the circular shape and the vintage vibe they exude! It's super difficult to find unique sunglasses that I feel comfortable wearing but these do the job perfectly.

Peplum top/ Topshop/ £18

I've had my eye on the peplum trend for a while as my regular readers will know, and I haven't been able to escape my desire for this top for months now. I'm thrilled I finally own it. I think it's the first all white piece of clothing in my wardrobe, and I adore the classy and ladylike fit! I styled it today with my Holiday in mind (hence the shorts). I like the combination of light and airy colours when styled with my nude pumps and white triangle earrings, but also love the contrast in clean, bold colour when I added my huge orange earrings and navy boat-ish shoes!

 print top/Dorothy Perkins/£26

I've been going on about the fact I wear too many dark/dull colours for a while and as you can see, this top completely defies that. There is something about holiday clothes that means they just have to be bright, summery and fun! This print is so funky (I am yet to decide which culture it is most inspired by!) and the clash of colours just seems to work. The design of the back of the top keeps it interesting and makes it a little less 'safe' which I appreciate! I paired it (again with Corfu in mind) with my very old tie-dye effect shorts, orange earrings and blue boat shoes since the colours all matched here-and-there but not in an overpowering manner. Even my brother complimented me on my choice with this one, which is impressive considering how little interest he has in fashion! Hurrah!

 playsuit/urban outfitters/£22

Usually out of my price range, I  tend to stay clear of urban outfitters as to avoid the pain that comes with finding something you love but can't afford. But when there's a sale...well, what excuse do I have? I love the sheer back to this playsuit, the quirky image on the front and the silky, lightweight feel of it. Love at first sight apparently does exist! Annnnd, although it was priced at £22 in the sale, I paid just £11 for it! How? Well god bless urban outfitters for their buy-one-get-one-free deal on all sale items and god bless my best friend for finding another gorgeous playsuit she was after at the same time! Although not featured on here, I teamed the playsuit with a pair of comfy black heels for a look that would do for anything from an evening meal at a restaurant to a night out. I also covered the red strip with  a brown belt and paired it with some sandals for a daytime look. Don't you just love versatility? 

p.s. more posts on the way!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


It's official, the nation's favourite bag brand have done it again. It's hard to match the success of the 'Alexa' but Mulberry have (successfully might I add) added another practical and timeless item to their collection. 'Bryn', is the new satchel's name. A charming choice if you ask me, especially as it was inspired by the male's 'Brynmore' design. Coincidentally, two of the women I was praising recently for their tomboy-ish style have already snapped up the design, Keira Knightly and Alexa Chung (who else?) being the first to showcase the satchel.
Basic and yet nothing less than perfect, here is Bryn is all his(?) glory! What do you think?x

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Today I Am Wearing:

As I woke up early this morning, I thought I'd spend some time looking into some of my favourite celebrities' style in the hope of gaining some inspiration. I looked at Alexa (of course!), keira Knightly, Olivia Palermo and Anne Hathaway; from that mix I gained inspiration for today's look! All these girls combine 'girly' and 'tomboy' to create daring and suitable-for-all outfits. So, I delved into my wardrobe (not literally you'll be pleased to know) to see what I possessed that could possibly create that sort of look too! I ended up going for my Superdry dress under my Topshop mohair crop (both quite girly) and then added a touch of 'tomboy' with the tights and shoes. Again my key necklace is more boyish than 'girly' and combined with my SUPER girly red herring bag I felt it achieved (if only a little) the look I was aiming for. 

The inspiration: 

Now I didn't just throw in a picture of my face for the fun of it, I actually put some effort into my hair/make up today so thought it should be included in the look! I went daring with a perfectly uneven pair of liner flicks, enhanced by my almost bare face. Hair wise, something messy was definitely needed to complete the look so I added a couple of twists and flicks with my straighteners then added some salt spray for a grungier look! Of course I'll never have my idols perfect style (or appearance for that matter!) but I certainly enjoyed getting inspired and trying out a new combination of my pieces!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


If you'd have asked me 6 months ago whether I'd consider buying a bodycon dress (and actually wearing it!) I'd probably have said no. However, every month, week and day my style is evolving and becoming a little more adventurous. As comforting as it would be to put myself in a box (so to speak) regarding my style, I can't. I can't pin point what draws me to an item of clothing, a pair of shoes or a piece of jewellery-when I can I'll let you know! Of course, everyone has their basic rules; things they'd never wear and things they'd wear every day if it were acceptable. For me, no cleavage is probably a big rule. I don't look at a women with cleavage and think 'EW!' but on me? It just makes me feel ridiculous! Another rule is that the garment should be able to be styled in different ways. I have limited funds and kick myself every time I buy something that then remains in my wardrobe 364 days a year! So, when I decided to kick off my take-more-risks personal challenge regarding fashion, the Topshop bodycon dress I featured a while back on a previous post seemed like a good place to start. I wasn't sure whether to admit how much I liked it at first, telling myself that I couldn't 'do' bodycon. However, when it was reduced down to just £12 I (admittedly a little on impulse) snapped it up within minutes. I'd given a thought to styling a bodycon dress before so I knew I owned things I could wear it with, and I also new that it didn't break my no cleavage rule while still taking me out of my comfort zone (my comfort zone being: skinny jeans, baggy top, dark colours)

So anyway, to enlighten you to the point of this post...

A few months ago I wouldn't have given bodycon a chance and here I am actually choosing to wear it over everything else in my wardrobe. Where you may think you can't 'do' certain items of clothing, you probably can! And, you might even enjoy pushing yourself fashion-wise too! So here is the dress I've been rambling about styled in two different casual, everyday looks. I also think it would look great with a biker jacket and studded boots but sadly those items only exist on my wishlist! Anyway, take a look and see if you can take yourself out of your comfort zone and style something scary to make it work for you!



Monday, 2 July 2012


5 artists
Walk The Moon

Walk The Moon are an american all male band (not a boy band, a real band with instruments!) I recently discovered on YouTube after they released their début single 'Anna Sun', complete with video. In fact, it was almost the video which sold the band to me so well in the first place. The pop-rock/indie sound of the single is undeniably easy to fall in love with, casting me into an upbeat and happy mood as soon as I hear the catchy melody and lead singer, Nicholas Petricca's distinctive voice. It's quite obviously a happy song, and the video only enhances the vibe with utterly ridiculous flash-mob style dance routines, colourful paint and refreshingly averagely attractive extras. That being said, 'Anna Sun' is not all this band has to offer, Singles 'Lisa Baby' and 'Tightrope' both offer variation and are two personal favourites from the album.The band are a refreshing take on what defines indie music today. They've got the instruments, the talent, the style, but they make sing-along music which exudes happiness. They don't take themselves too seriously and if you watch their other videos, you'll soon find that getting big groups of people involved in the terrible dance moves and undoubtedly fun videos is a habit of theirs. This band clearly loves music and what they do, and what they do is pretty damn good! Check them out on YouTube with the link below:

Michael Kiwanuka

You've probably heard this man's début single 'Home Again' (if not where have you been?!) but lets face it, his name isn't the easiest to pronounce let alone remember, making it all too easy to think 'What a nice song' then forget about it soon after. However, forgetting is not something I plan to do any time soon with this artist (thanks to songs 'I'm getting ready','always waiting' and 'rest'). His music reminds me of a certain Jack Johnson yet with his own soulful, unique and exquisitely beautiful twang over it. His music definitely has a calming effect over me and I'd imagine Home Again is the perfect album to whip out when suffering from everything from a broken heart to a boring Sunday afternoon.

Paloma Faith

The return of Paloma Faith to the music scene with new album 'Fall To Grace' was by all means a welcomed one. This woman's beauty oozes out of every pore. She's elegant, classy, exceedingly talented and versatile too (she played the Goth in St.Trinians!). After seeing her live briefly at Glastonbury before I would even class myself as a true fan, I fell in love. Her voice is just as piercingly good, if not better, live and something about her performance bought tears to my eyes. Her music is emotional, relatable and most importantly 100% her. No ass shaking, no risqué stripper outfits just talent and a love for music.
Her début single from the new album 'picking up the pieces' is powerful and yet easy to listen to, something I rarely come across and I am genuinely excited to hear what else Fall To Grace has to offer.


I've always loved B.o.B and felt he was unfairly underrated. And now, well he's back and in my eyes just as good (and verging on better) than before. He breaks stereotypes. He raps...yes. But not about sex, drugs, or drinking (not all the time at least!). His music has real meaning, is about real life and that's what leads me to appreciate him over other current male rappers. The man can rap and carry a pretty good tune with his soulful and Idiosyncratic vocals making him even more of a special find. He has a distinctive music style, much of his earlier music never made it to the ears of the wider public and yet still he comes back with catchy songs of good quality, launching him straight back to his earlier success. And oh my god, a collaboration with Taylor Swift?! I did not see that coming, and I certainly did not see it being as good as it is! An odd pair but none the less they compliment each other on the track 'both of us' perfectly, creating a deep and powerful vibe through the mixture of rap and sweet, feminine vocals. His other latest hit 'So Good' has over 13million views on YouTube and has a much more pop-like sound to it than his previous albums I've owned. Yet, it still has his voice, a good beat, a happy melody and nothing less than cute lyrics. Annnnd, on top of all of this, B.o.B's sense of style needs to be appreciated. The guy can pull of a beret for gods sake! Can we just give him a knighthood already?

Josh Kumra

You may recognise this husky yet oh-so-pretty little voice from the wretch 32 song 'Don't go' which I saw performed about a year ago now. Don't get me wrong, Kumra was great but I didn't picture him being half as good as he is now just one year on. Modestly understated in the music world, Josh Kumra produces slow, sentimental and truly beautiful songs (I am yet to find one I dislike). His music takes a simplistic turn, mainly featuring his voice and guitar and little more. My personal favourites have got to be The Answer and Oak Tree (Stand Your Ground), what about yours? Check him out here:

5 wish-list items

5 things to expect this autumn/winter

Ankle wellies!
I honestly do not know why these haven't been invented before. I think they're great! Perfect for the stylish dog walker rather than the wild river runner!

mid-length coats

oversized knits



The Return Of The Polo Neck

5 beauty tips

1) Sudocrem
I've had this cream all my life as it's great for cuts, grazes, rashes etc. I'd even used it on individual spots before realising that applying the cream to the whole of your face at night leaves you with an even skin tone the next morning! I've personally found it reduces the redness of spots and even enables me to avoid foundation sometimes. Wash your face before using it and apply a thin layer (I usually just put it on my T-zone), leave overnight, wash your face with a gentle cleanser the next day (I use garnier grapefruit wash) and voilà!

2) Spoons
So this tip came from my best friend a while ago, and it only just occurred to me to share it (sorry!). This is covering the problem of eye bags by the way. So you can either put the spoons in the fridge the night before or in the morning (for about 20 minutes). Either works for me, although the spoons tend to cool down quicker the less time they're in the fridge for. Place the back (that's the curved outer side) of the spoon on each eye and hold until the spoons have cooled. The cold temperature reduces the appearance of eye bags and leaves your eyes feeling fresh and awake!

3) Cold water

Cold water isn't going to do much just by looking at it, the idea is that when you've put conditioner on your hair, you turn the shower temperature down as low as you can bare to rinse it off. The cold water locks in moisture and leaves your hair silky and healthy looking/feeling!

4) No7 Pore Refining Serum

There are a lot of different serums and creams out there that claim to do all kinds of things and fix beauty problems we're not even sure we have! However, I've been using this one for about 9 months now and the improvements have been fantastic. My face used to be very shiny all the time, and when I used products that claimed to reduce oily skin my face would dry out and foundation would look patchy instead! I apply this serum every day whether I'm going to wear foundation or not. Although your skin type is down to your hormones and own body to some extent, my pores genuinely have been reduced, my skin tone is more even and my T-zone (where I apply it) is much less oily! Hooray!

5) Replacing fizzy drinks with water

My mum tried for many years to persuade me to drink water rather than squash, juice and various fizzy drinks before I finally came around and decided that I actually wanted to drink water over other drinks! Water has many benefits and our bodies need it, but what you might not know is that it acts as a natural detox. That means it has the ability to flush away things we don't want. For example, spots. Alcohol, Fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate, it all fills our bodies with things that are going to increase your chances of getting spots when consumed regularly (they also help your body avoid achieving a flat belly!). There's a reason models are on such strict, healthy diets, because they have to stay skinny and their skin must be clear. Drinking more water actually works for me and so does avoiding fizzy drinks (not all the time of course!) and the more you drink it the more you begin to enjoy it as a drink too, if taste is a problem for you!