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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Hello everyone :-)
I hope you're all enjoying the wet, cold and windy disaster that is this week! The weather has made me uncomfortably aware of how few warm jumpers I own, although I inherited one just a few moments ago from my brother, who I managed to convince that he looked a little bit 'unmanly' in it due to it's small sizing. I mean, I didn't lie just to get a new jumper...that would be meanIt was for his own good, okay? 
On top of that, I should be getting £30 back from over the next week so maybe I'll invest in something warm and cosy with that. Every cloud and all that. 

So basically you may or may not be aware that I have been awaiting a delivery from Zara for the last 5 days (when they say standard delivery, they really do mean standard don't they?). To buy these clothes, I had to make debit card changes just to fit their website, paid nearly £60, waited for 5 days and then guess what? Only one of the items was okay to keep. The clothes are absolutely beautiful, the packaging divine and the return system wonderfully simple, but the XS trousers I ordered were definitely not extra small! They must have been at least a size 10, if not a 12, and I don't mean to sound snobby at all but that's more 'small' than 'extra small' no?

The only thing that made the order a pleasant experience was my beautiful new shirt, which I honestly had to force myself out of after trying it on to make sure it fitted. It's ridiculously silky and is an absolute delight to wear, although, the stitching was not exactly perfect and their were a few threads that needed chopping off.
None the less, I adore it. So, when the clothes look that good, are delivered wrapped up and in a perfect box, and cost the amount they do, is it just bad luck that made my experience a bad one?
I definitely won't be ordering trousers from them again, but I'm interested to know if anyone else has ordered from them and what their experience of it was like?

I better head off as the season finale of New Girl is on shortly (so sad) and I want to try and get some work done before then. I'm not quite sure what I'll do without my weekly doses of Jess and the gang now! I hope you all have a lovely rest of the week! Ciao 

Friday, 21 September 2012


It's Friiiiiday! The end of the working week. Time for heels and fine glassware (then time for pyjamas and slippers that can only be described as criminal). Now I know LFW has been, gone and flown to Milan, but 11.22 on Friday 21St September seems as good a time as any to pick out my favourite snaps from the wonderful, blissful, mesmerizing week that was, London Fashion Week 2012. 
With front rows made up of established fashionistas (to say the least), successful (again, to say the least) sports men and women and a few surprising faces (not naming any names...Harry Styles), the pictures obtained from the week are set to impress. I chose these photos based on who was in them, what they wore or the sheer LFW vibe they exuded, so enjoy!
disclaimer: all photos are not my own.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012



A quick post with a selection of a few photos of my outfit-of-the-day today, admittedly of very bad quality as I was in a bit of a hurry to make myself a decaf cuppa and take my make up off-I am straight into slob mode after sixth form, despite only having double business and English Lit today!
I hope you're all having a lovely week :-)
p.s. All my Polyvore creations are posted on blogger automatically, which is why the layout may be a little all over the place. However, I hope you enjoy looking at them and gathering inspiration from them as much as I do when creating them!

cropped mohair jumper: Topshop
PU biker: Miss Selfridge
Lace Playsuit: Lipsy
Leather Chelsea Boots: mum's (I may or may not have pinched them for my regular use)
Sunglasses: h&m

Sunday, 16 September 2012


London Fashion Week Summary So Far
Hello, hello, hello! Although I'm spending the day in my pyjamas feeling sorry myself (instead of going to Bournemouth as was planned) I thought I should make the most of the day. There was absolutely no way I could not do a LFW themed post so now I've found the time; here it is! Remembering that fashion is forecasted two seasons ahead, and that the highstreet is completely taken and created from the more extravagant and 'artsy' world of designer, high-end fashion, here are my favourites so far as well as a quick summary of what they show us about spring 2013!


James Long


Emilia Wickstead


John Rocha

Todd Lynn

Holly Fulton

Dion Lee

Clements Ribeiro

Fashion East

Combining all of these designs I would predict that spring 2013 will be full of print and florals, but not in the same style as we saw this year. Florals are taking a harsher, bolder turn in fashion now so forget pastels and dainty detail and start thinking big, bright and beautiful. Print-on-print is a definite yes and a very fun look to embrace, clashing colours are no longer a 'do not' of fashion.
The peplum trend will still be going strong which is very good news for me, but it looks like it'll also give way to softer, feminine shaping in tops and dresses mainly. Cut-out, leather and grunge pieces will still be 'in' although I expect the grunge trend will fade out over the next 6 months as the weather (hopefully) and mood of the country changes. Other themes include sports luxe and of course, my favourite, the trouser suit. Harsh lines and shapes, animal prints, sheer and shirts are all sticking around for the foreseeable future too. 
Holly Fulton styled the majority of her looks with round sunglasses and espadrilles and to my absolute delight, Clements Ribeiro used jelly shoes!
Hopefully you're all feeling inspired for spring 2013 and enjoying London Fashion Week from the comfort of your homes as much as I am!

Saturday, 15 September 2012


Just a really quick post today to show you what I'm wearing and update y'all on the latest happenings! This week has been super busy and I've had no time for blogging which is very sad but, pretty much unavoidable with the amount of work I now have to do. I also haven't shown you any of the outfits I've warn to school yet-admittedly they've been lacking in creativity since they are being chosen at 7am. I'm having a very boring/productive weekend, so far it has consisted of having to turn down a party (boo), spending hours on history work and I'm now about to pop into town to get folders and notebooks for school before babysitting all evening-always an excellent reminder of how old and 'mature' I'm getting (again, boo). Still, I'm looking forward to having some money! I'm torn between purchasing these RI shoes which are beyond beautiful but would use pretty much all my spare cash or both the trousers and the shirt, what do you guys suggest?

  Outfit Of The Day:

 I seem to have subconsciously dressed a little 'English-preppy' today, probably as a result of my oh so studious weekend activities. I bought this shirt early-mid summer this year and am now thrilled to be seeing checkered clothing returning to fashion for autumn/winter'12. I added my wintery ASOS skirt and belted it with well, the first belt I found really! And yes, I did team black with blue today but I don't believe those two colours cannot mix, and I'm not going to avoid my biker jacket today either! I finished the look with my cheap-and-cheerful brogues. Not the most stunning outfit ever but it'll do!

Sunday, 9 September 2012


So as promised (via twitter) I've picked out 5 of the most accessible online boutiques that rely mostly on word-of-mouth advertisement, and are therefore not hugely popular yet, to share with you. I'm also sure fellow bloggers will appreciate the suggestions as I myself am always on the hunt for new, affordable and unique boutiques! I won't go into detail, so I'll just let you have a browse of their websites and see what you think. The links below the images should take you to each website with one click. 
Happy Sunday!