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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Leopard Joins The Race!
I thought I'd try out a super cheesy, blogger-type title for this post? Thoughts? Completely Awful? Yes, I thought so too. Moving on, I suppose you already know that I am not going to write about actual Leopards today (no offence to the Leopard community) but rather about their FAUX FUR. 

After a lifetime of being deemed everything from 'tacky' to 'slutty', Leopard print is making a steady comeback. I am not innocent when it comes to judging leopard print clothing, but, to be perfectly fair, it is only this year that designers have really worked with the print to take it from 'cheap' to 'classy'-whether that is by the materials, styles, or cuts used. I am yet to discover an 100% leopard dress I'd wear, and jeans and tops are a still a bit of a no-go zone for me personally, but the selection of leopard print footwear out there on the high-street is quickly expanding, and I genuinely am falling for leopard print! 

So have the designers of 2012 done enough to resurrect leopard print and put it's shamed past behind us? Or will you be staying clear of this particular trend in the hope it won't last?
Either way, check out my picks from the high-street and see if your judgement can be swayed, and if so, by which designers/shops: