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Sunday, 21 October 2012


Hi everyone:-)
Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, I've been quite busy! I babysat on Friday from 5-7, then went to a party (I would show you my outfit but I literally chose it five minutes before I went and it's not particularly worth showing!). Saturday I spent recovering (aka catching up on homeland in bed) until the evening when I was babysitting again. The only exciting thing about that was that I saw a shooting star whilst walking home at 2am. Are you supposed to wish on shooting stars? Because if you are then I forgot, but to be fair I was sort of walk/jogging as walking on your own at that time is a little scary and wasn't really thinking about wishes, stars etc. It was a really beautiful night though!
Enough of my top notch astrology though, here's a few photos from my weekend, including two outfits I wore and some very awkward, lame poses (sorry).

outfit 1

outfit 2

Spent today doing English homework/my new moisturiser (review to come)

this evenings activities

My brother's recording equipment came! Very much looking forward to sneaking myself a go with it!