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Sunday, 21 July 2013


Outfit Post

This is a slightly sad post due to the fact that last night (when I wore this outfit to my friends BBQ and party-type-shindig) I lost these earrings, which I've only worn once before! Bad times. I'm actually so in love with them that I think I'll have to buy another pair, but at £6 from Asos, there are worse amounts of money to lose. And of course, stuff is just stuff. 

The top works for me because it's so versatile. To get something that I should be able to wear in every season, with almost everything else in my wardrobe, that I really like is pretty fab, even more so when it's just £12. I also love the way it's fitted and cropped, but not too revealing. Basically, this means I won't have to shy away from wearing it if my grandparents are visiting! 

These shorts are the only pair I own that genuinely fit me now, and definitely the coolest. I discovered them at a vintage fair in Bournemouth for £15-quite impressive for someone with a tendency to walk away from any clothes rack that requires close analysis and a certain element of luck in order to find something that both fits and looks good.

I love the simplicity required in outfit planning in this weather, and the ease and comfort of this outfit in particular, combined with a wonderful night with some of my best friends, makes for a happy me. 
 I hope you're all enjoying summer and loving some summer fashion.

earrings: Asos, Top: Asos, Levi's: Vintage, shoes: Superga

Friday, 12 July 2013


Hi guys,
 Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I've been out enjoying the sunshine and taking some time off from... well, pretty much everything. Here's a little blog collection of a variety of all things summer and happiness.


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